Matika’s Message

“Matika’s Message”

Kazuko Tao

In communicating with deceased animals, they quite often tell their person(s) that they continue to live on in that person’s heart.  The human companion can connect with their deceased animal by being in touch with their own heart space. I have always embraced this concept as an incredibly healing way to bridge the physical and spiritual existences.  It affirms no one ever dies and we all continue to exist.

An opportunity presented to speak with Matika, an animal who went missing and whose person suspected that he had passed on.  Matika talked about continuing to live in his person’s heart, and he further discussed what “living in his person’s heart” meant.  Before this, I had never visualized spirits living in our hearts quite the way Matika explained, yet it made a significant difference in my understanding of this concept.  Through Matika’s explanation, I was fully able to feel the meaning of “live in the heart.” 

The following is a portion of my communication with Matika.  He encouraged his person to be in her heart space, rather than focused in the mind, as important to her overall well-being.

 Is that you, Matika?


Ariyon asked me to check in to see where you are since you’ve been missing since last Sunday.  Is that okay?


 Where are you?

 I’m in a very peaceful place.

 Do you like it there?

 Yes, very much so.

 Matika, are you still in a physical body?

 No, I guess not.  It feels like I’m no different from when I was at Ariyon’s, but I’m told that I no longer have my physical body.  I’m a spirit now.

 How did you transition from the physical to spiritual world?

 I was taking a walk as usual in the woods and suddenly a large wild animal attacked me.

 Like a big cat?


 Do you have beings around you to help you now?

 Yes, lots of them.  Some I know from before and some are new friends.  I’m never alone, so I’m doing just fine.

 Ariyon misses you very much.  You were so sweet to her.

 I’ve been telling her I’m right there with her.  I haven’t left at all.  True, I’m not in my body, but energetically I’m with her all the time.  She just needs to quiet her mind and bring the focus to her heart.  Then, she’ll be able to be with me.

 Why did you choose to go last week?

 I wanted to be instrumental in helping Ariyon bring her focus more into her heart.  I know that she loves me and I love her dearly.  That’s why I took this opportunity to help her by being in spirit form and working from her heart.  I want Ariyon to embrace the fact that I do live on and I live in her heart.  So, anytime and anywhere, to be with me all she needs to do is connect with her heart. 

Trust that I live in your heart and you can find me there anytime. 

Trust your heart more than your mind. 

I am a part of your heart energy. 

I am a part of all that you love in life. 

 I am a part of all that you draw inspirations from. 

I am a part of all that is you. 

I am a part of you and you are your heart, not the mind. 

I am with you always and I love you forever.          



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