About Kazuko Tao

I was always interested in metaphysical and psychic aspects of life. In 1984, I began studying meditation, mind-body- spirit energy healing, & spiritual reading. I was very interested in holistic ways of achieving healing, and my goal was to work with people.

Sometime in 1985, I was given a ticket to a talk given by an animal communicator from Ca., so I went since I had always loved animals. That was the most important turning point in my life. I was introduced to aspects and wisdom of animals that I had never even imagined! After that night, I knew that I wanted to work with animals through animal communication. During this period, the cat-of-my life, Cosmos, was dying of cancer. Through animal communication, we deepened our relationship. With Cosmos’ undying love, devotion and guidance, expressed through our communication, I made major positive changes in my life.

Because of my strong interest in health and healing, I enrolled in a 2-year veterinary technician program to study the nature of illnesses and how Western medicine is used in the treatment of animals. I am a registered veterinary technician and I have worked in veterinary hospitals since 1988. I have been offering animal communication service since 1990.

I believe in and embrace alternative medicine, so I often recommend to clients alternative ways of treatment from acupuncture, use of herbs, flower essence, to chiropractic, and I make referrals to veterinarians who practice holistic medicine. During the communication, I check with animals for their feelings on certain holistic treatment approaches.

I am committed to presenting animals in their true expression of themselves and to help bring understanding, respect, and spiritual growth among animals and people. My strong interest is to work along with veterinarians to provide the emotional & spiritual aspect of animals and help bring about the healing of hearts for both the animals & their people.

I continue to study further into meditation, channeling, & transforming my belief systems in order to understand life and to be truly aligned with my soul's purpose.