Consultation Description

The animal communication sessions are conducted by telephone or via Skype. (For clients in my local area, “In-Person” session may be arranged by request.)

Each session lasts 75-90 minutes, during which I talk with one animal companion and you.  The session is a 3-way conversation – I ask your animal your questions, tell you the animal’s replies and his/her thoughts, and you can also ask additional questions. The entire session is recorded; I will send you the audio-recording, so that you can listen to it after the session.

The Contact Form on my website is used to request a session. Sessions are available Mon-Sat, between 12pm-6pm Pacific Time. Please provide me with about 3 possible dates & times that will work for you. (My schedule can be flexible, if needed.)

A few days before the scheduled session, I would like to receive the following information from you BY EMAIL.

If you do not hear from me within 4 days after contacting me through the "Contact Form" in my site, please contact me directly at following E-mail addresses: or


1. Your animal companion’s name.
2. Breed, age and sex.       

3. Photograph if possible.

4.  Issues & concerns.   Please be specific.  If the animal is sick, please provide the diagnosis & the duration of illness.  If medication is being used, indicate the name & dosage of the medication.

5.  Up to five questions you would like to ask your animal.  The questions can range from day-to-day routines to the animal’s thoughts about life and spirituality.  We will ask more questions as needed during the session depending on your companion’s response to these initial questions.

6.  If there are other animals in the household, please provide their names, age, breed, and sex.

7.  If there are other humans in the household, please provide their age & names.


The duration of my session may seem long for one animal. However, in my experience, most animals usually have much to say especially since they do not have many opportunities to express their feelings.  Therefore, I would like to give them as much time to communicate as I can.