Understanding Animal Communications

Animals are our teachers and healers.

Through my communication work, I have discovered animals provide a great deal of wisdom. They believe their main purpose in life is to share the earth while assisting people in learning to attain respect for all beings.

Animals often talk about their behaviors or illnesses as directly relating to their human companions' core issues. Our animal companions want us to be happy and whole, and they will do anything to demonstrate to us where we can make improvements. Animals come from a very caring and loving place, wishing only to see their person(s) heal. There is no judgment or criticism in what they convey, only love. They see their challenges as teaching us patience, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.

My training and interest in energetic healing allows me to see the state of “dis-ease” (i.e. illness) from all aspects: physical, emotional, and spiritual. During my communication with animals, I am able to construct a holistic picture of what is specifically occurring with that particular animal's psychological and emotional state of mind. The dis-ease process often manifests on a physical level, yet the root causes are frequently in the emotional plane. Animals communicate in terms of cause, and often the cause of illness relates back to their relationship with their human companion. It is natural for animals to mirror their person's emotional state. Through the physical manifestation of behavior or illness, animals endeavor to demonstrate to their human companions certain situations in that person's life which need attention. When people are open to hearing the teachings/messages from their animals, healing begins for both parties on many levels.

Healing for animals begins when their thoughts and feelings are expressed. A transformation takes place as we listen to their history, hear their teachings, and consider their perspective of life. Through animal communication we are exposed to new levels of understanding and bonding. All animals, domestic and wild, have expressed the need and desire to be heard, respected, and given their covenant in the world we share.

As we cultivate our awareness that animals are beings possessing high consciousness and integrity, we enhance our perspective of life. When we are mindful of the interconnectedness we have with all beings, life becomes richer and fuller. Respecting animals' presence on this planet is essential to our own health and growth.